Rivercare is a Dutch research programme focused on managing multi-functional rivers more sustainable within the next 10 to 50 years! We use fundamental research and innovative monitoring methods to improve the design and maintenance of some of the Room for the River interventions while looking at their effects in the river morphology and ecology.

This interactive menu and the four RiverCare videos!

This menu presents RiverCare work around four videos or settings of river research: 1) The meeting room2) The floodplains, 3) The models and physical lab, and 4) The Virtual River. The first two videos are released, two more will be released within this and the next year:

  • Each video revolves around one research setting to give a glance of our work and methods.
  • All research linked to the respective setting is listed next to the video.
  • Simply open the research project and hit the link to get specific project details in the knowledge-base!

Interested to know more?

Hit the link to our partners and/or the knowledge-base so that you can explore more about RiverCare, our goals, projects, storylines, outputs and updates within the website that it is part of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR).